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Pierre-Yves Cachard
Curator and director of the university library of Le Havre since 2007. With partners of Le Havre Art School Havre (ESADHAR) and the contemporary art space Le Portique, co organizes the annual event Une Saison Graphique, whose objective is to offer in Le Havre (Normandy), events in contemporary graphic design : exhibitions, conferences, bike polo tournament, etc. Pierre-Yves Cachard regularly publishes articles about graphic design. Last issue in : Frédéric Teschner. HAVRE (Franciscopolis, 2013). Member of the Jury "French Selection" for the Chaumont International Festival of Poster and Graphic design in 2010.

Marko Kekishev
Born 05.01.1963, Estonia.
Education: 1986 Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), designer.
Work: Since graduation Marko has worked in art studios and bureaus covering
the wide range of areas starting from architecture to applied graphics. He was the founder of one of the first Estonian modern advertising agency Kolm Karu in 1991. From 1999-2009 Marko worked as a designer and art director in advertising agency Zavod BBDO. On 2008 he established his graphical design bureau Siirup, where he currently works.
Academic work: From 1989 Marko is a lecturer in Estonian Academy of Arts. From 2009 he is a lecturer in Tartu Art College.
Membership in professional organisations: Member of the Estonian Artists' Association from 1984. Marko has been the establishing member and active promoter of the Estonian Association of Designers from 1989. From 1993 he is the member of the Estonian Graphic Designers' Union. From 2008 he is the member of the Art Directors Club Estonia.
Winner of many advertising and logo competitions, among others also first place in logo category in Kyiv International Advertising festival in 2003. Moscow International Graphic Design Biennale "Golden Bee 7" poster category award in 2006.


Serge Serov
Art historian, art critic, curator, editor, expert, teacher, art director and graphic designer.
Born 23.01.1952,
Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Telecommunications (1974) and I.Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts (1986). Publications include 14 books and about 500 articles published in Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, UK, Germany, Iran, Japan, Ukraine, USA.
Editor for Advertising: Theory and Practice magazine (1983-1991), editor-in-chief of Greatis International graphic design quarterly (1992-1994), editor-consultant for Advertiser newspaper (1995-1996), editor-in-chief of Design Union magazine (1997-1998), art director of The Truth and Life Christian magazine (1995-2009), invited editor for Interni Russia magazine (since 2011).
Member of the Committee for State Awards for Art and Literature under the President of Russia (1996-2003).
Organized and curated more than 100 design exhibitions, competitions and events in Russia and abroad.
President of Golden Bee Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design (since 1992).
Professor of Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities, Department of Design and Visual Arts (since 2011).
Founder and Head of the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design, Member of Icograda Education Network (since 1997).
Founder Member (since 1992), President (2007-2011), Vice-President (since 2011) of the Academy of Graphic Design, Member of Icograda.
Awards include Golden Badge of Honour for Public Recognition, Rodchenko Award, Honorary Diploma of the U.N. Council for Public Awards, etc.

Oleg Veklenko
Born 17.08.1950, Russia. He grew up in a Ukrainian town of Lubny, Poltava region. Graduated from Kharkiv Art-Industrial Institute (now is Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts) in 1972 and was invited to stay with the Institute as a teacher. Professor (1993), Head of Graphic Design department (2000-2004), Honorary Artist of the Ukraine (1986), President of the 4th Block International Eco Poster and Graphic Triennial (Kharkiv, Ukraine).
Jury member of the Golden Bee Moscow International Graphic Design Biennale in 1998 and 2004. Apart from teaching, works in the area of graphic design and drowing.
He has participated in a number of national and international exhibitions in Russia, Poland, Finland, Slovakia, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark and USA. His works have received awards and diplomas.


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